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Admin panel - few questions about directories, upload, search engine, bootstrap

(This post was last modified: 02-28-2015, 01:43 PM by matysek099.)

Hi. I'm newbie in CodeIgniter and I'm creating my own CMS. I have already created working images upload but now I want to add some field in which I can choose destination folder (or create it if needed). I need it because I will upload photos of different events and I want all of events to be separated galleries.

My second problem is creating some search engine. I want to create some simply search engine. I want it to search whole website content and display searching results. Would be perfect if it might show similar phrases too.

I also have troubles with setting date format in articles. Now I set 'Y-m-d' but I want something like 'm-d-Y H:iConfused'. Unfortunately if I set format I want it displays 0000-00-00.
I have even tried 'Y-d-m H:iConfused' but it displays only when I'm creating article. Hours, minutes and seconds don't display on article list. When I want to edit article there is only date without time.

Last problem is linking to files of stylesheet, jquery etc instead of urls. I want to implement bootstrap in the future and I would like to have all files needed on my server. I spent half a day on trying to do this. I checked every solution i found but something didn't work. (I know because jQueryUI Datepicker didn't work at all).

Tell me which part of code I need to upload etc.

I know this is many complicated questions and thank you if you could help me even with one of these. I'm also sorry for my english if u didn't understand something.

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Admin panel - few questions about directories, upload, search engine, bootstrap - by matysek099 - 02-28-2015, 01:31 PM

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