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Poll: Do you think CI should have multiupload feature without having to use third party codes?
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Multiple file Upload without third party codes

(This post was last modified: 10-27-2014, 04:16 AM by orionstar.)

If I remember correctly you can easily use CI's file uploader to work with multiple files, see below:

PHP Code:

// Cache the real $_FILES array, because the original
// will be overwritten soon :)
$files        $_FILES;
$file_count    count($_FILES['upload_field_name']['name']);

// Iterate over the $files array
for($i 0$i $file_count$i++)
// Overwrite the default $_FILES array with a single file's data
    // to make the $_FILES array consumable by the upload library
$_FILES['upload_field_name']['name']        = $files['upload_field_name']['name'][$i];
$_FILES['upload_field_name']['type']        = $files['upload_field_name']['type'][$i];
$_FILES['upload_field_name']['tmp_name']    = $files['upload_field_name']['tmp_name'][$i];
$_FILES['upload_field_name']['error']        = $files['upload_field_name']['error'][$i];
$_FILES['upload_field_name']['size']        = $files['upload_field_name']['size'][$i];

    if( ! 
// Handle upload errors
        // If an error occurs jump to the next file
// Successfull file upload

And on the upload field you should add an extra attribute multiple="multiple".

UPDATE: If you want to enable the upload of a single file you should check $_FILES['upload_field_name']['name'] is_array, if not then you should go the usual way.

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