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GoDaddy headaches, CodeIgniter, and bears, oh my!

ci ver. 2.0
(if you're impatient...scoll down and I post of my solution)

I've spent the last 9 months getting to know codeigniter; it has worked like a dream on my local xampp environment. I plan on using for some production work for some clients soon...so I figured; let me quick place ci on my godaddy shared server and iron out any kinks. What a gosh-darn headache. None of the posts here, there or anywhere solved my problems (i think they are older and maybe involve previouse versions of ci)

Here's some of the rubbish I tried (+other stuff outside this forum):

I tried every imaginable combination of this junk combining .htaccess settings and config settings. None of it worked and what's worse; working off the server is near impossible to trouble shoot and the slowest process ever. I was at this for nearly 6 hours- then I took a different approach. I started hacking apart core files and placing simple echo statements to see what was loading and what was not.

***I figured out that the constants: APPPATH and BASEPATH that ci were declaring were simply relative paths: like 'system' and 'application' which work fine locally but not with godaddy.

MY SOLUTION:in root dir > index.php
i changed:
$system_path = 'system';//old
$system_path = '/home/content/a/b/c/abcperson/html/somedomain_dir/system';//new
$application_folder = 'application';//old
$application_folder = '/home/content/a/b/c/abcperson/html/somedomain_dir/application';//new
You will have to use the full path in your godaddy account.

for the application > config.php I didn't even change anything other than the domain for live testing
$config['base_url']    = 'http://mydomain.com/';
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
$config['uri_protocol']    = 'AUTO'; //left this despite all the fancy recommendations

MY QUESTIONS ~for you ci experts ? ?

Am I missing something?

Why are all the other solutions so damn complex? I don't even have an .htaccess file and I have working short urls as in: http://mysite.com/index/

One problem i did notice is that going to http://mysite.com throws ci's 404; that is one thing I will need to figure out(probably an .htaccess thing)
-Got any advice on that?

Hopefully this helps others and I would love to hear some insight from some experts here.

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