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Tiny Celebrations

Being the primary developer on CI4 can be a long slog through rough waters at times, so I thought I'd take a moment and share a couple of tiny celebrations.

1. We are getting close to moving the repo into the official bcit-ci organization and opening it to the public as a pre-alpha release. This would be basically the end of Phase 1, if you refer back to the Proposed Roadmap. The largest item left to do is to take a final pass through documentation and make sure that it's current with the code that exists. There's a few usability tweaks I'd like to look into, but they are truly small things.

The only discrepancy from that list, I believe, is that the database layer isn't 100% done, but it's pretty close to 95%, I say. Primary missing thing is transactions and that will get developed after the move since I'm slammed with work right now and need to take a bit of time to consider the best way to implement them in the new database layer.

2. This is what inspired me to write this post, actually. Originally, I had planned on the Pre-Alpha release only having MySQL support, but Mat surprised me and dropped an almost fully functional PostgreSQL implementation in the repo late last week! This forced me to revise how we were doing our tests in Travis so that it would run tests using both MySQL and Postgres. I've spent what little time I had the rest of this week tweaking out test suite due to un-anticipated quirks in the way that Postgres handles things. But, the live database tests work perfectly as of moments ago on both platforms! This sets a very strong future for us being able to ensure the quality of the database drivers that we support, since we'll be able to run tests that actually hit real databases and not just mocking it all, and any platforms that both us and Travis supports.

So raise a glass and make a toast to tiny celebrations and the future of CodeIgniter!

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