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Writable directory question

My question is about work with /writable directory.
Totally like the approach of setting index.php into separate folder and dividing writable files as separate.
But when I tried to recreate the workflow for myself, I faced the problem, that whenever I put for example:
  • /writable/minified - stylesheets and scripts that are dynamically minified and written during the load.

  • /writable/uploads/avatar.gif - dummy image file for test.
How can I access them from frontend side, for example in header, while loading stylesheets:
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='[domain]/writable/minified/core.min.css'>

And I understand that by logic you simply can't access secured and outer directory. Then how to get the content of the file by link? Through some specific helper and read of file?

Or for e.g. for load of image:
<img class="preloader-logo" src="[domain]/writable/uploads/avatar.gif" />

anywhere on the frontend etc.

Thank you for information and really hope you will not delete question or can answer me directly. I'm confused about this one.

Jim Parry answered me: I can point out that only folders/files underneath "public" are intended to be browser accessible. The writable folder isn't.
Does it mean that /writable folder serves only for something like cache saving, and actions like user file saving should be done to "public" folder?

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