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Help with database load design

(This post was last modified: 08-09-2017, 06:42 PM by jarmen_kell. Edit Reason: CI's forum messes up with php code syntax highlight )

I've been thru the same case just like you, years ago.
here's what i did

create a "core" model, let's just call it "Coremodel" 
PHP Code:
<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

Coremodel extends CI_Model {
    public static 
    public function 
self::$USR_DB['user_1']     = $this->load->database('user_1',true);
self::$USR_DB['user_2']     = $this->load->database('user_2',true);
self::$USR_DB['user_3']     = $this->load->database('user_3',true);
// and so'on

this model will act as a core parent for all models that you'll create later on.notice that i put a public-static variable inside this 'core' model.

later on, when you try creating models for each of your user's custom db connection,
just extend from our "Coremodel" 
PHP Code:
class Model_user1 extends Coremodel {
__construct() { 
$this->_DB     parent::$USR_DB['user_1'];
    public function 
$this->_DB->get_where("table_name", ['id'=>$id]);

notice that i put a private var "_DB" and then retrieve our db connection instance from "Coremodel",then put it in private var "_DB". 

lastly, make sure that our "Coremodel" is autoloaded from autoload config.
PHP Code:
$autoload['model'] = array('coremodel'); 

now you have all of your model's connected accordingly,
without haveing to create a new connection for each models.

hope this make sense.

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