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Looking to generate an invoice using product tables

(02-21-2020, 12:53 PM)jreklund Wrote: Hi, It looks like you need up read up on how SQL relationships works. Here are one to get you started:

After you have mastered relationships you can dive into the starter tutorials in the documentation. But instead of making one insert, you will be making (maybe 3) at the same time. To get your database tables linked.
Thanks for the input.  I really don’t have an issue with the database relationships as I have been working with databases for over 30 years.  My question is really about how to control the input from the users when they generate the invoice.  I want to constrain the selections to only products that are in stock (visible through a view from my inventory tables).  

Ideally, the interface for the product drop down would be populated with “in-stock” products, and upon selecting an item, the primary key would be used to retrieve the item price from a pricing table and place the description, key and price into a HTML form or table where the user would simply enter the quantity (verifying that the quantity is less than the available inventory units).

So basically, I want to have the user create the invoice by selecting a customer and then editing any changes to dates or delivery conditions.  Once the customer data is entered, the record (last_id) would be used to populate the details form.  

I am looking for tutorials or documentation about passing a “master” key to a child form and then adding in rows of detail.
I appreciate the help and I am very impressed with the community in this forum.

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