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I dont like composer, am I a bad person?

(11-19-2020, 12:03 PM)jnar Wrote:
Quote:Why does the vendor directory bother you?  If your app is working fine with the dependencies that composer installs, why worry about it?  I don't understand why anyone would want to waste their time dealing with dependencies manually. Do you actually want to go to each dependency's website and download an individual zip file, unzip it, copy and paste it into your project directory, and then do that all over again when you need to update it for 50 different libraries?  Why would anyone want to create this extra work for themselves? Please help me understand.

Why It bothers me?  Because I dont know what is all that  things composer puts there, what to do with all that?  I install a package and have 20 other folders there.

Im sorry I dont know what extra work are you talking about.  Take my example of hashids repo, instead of issuing a command and watch how it fills my vendor's folder of lots of things I dont know where they came I just downloaded the package to ThirdParty and add it to autoload, works like a charm.

Im sorry Im just trying to understand all this composer fever havent really used before.

Most or all of those are codeigniter dependencies. It too depends on other libraries, just like your app depends on the hashids library. You can run

composer show --tree
To see what depends on what.  Or, if you look at the composer.json of each composer package you install you can see what it will bring in.  Although, you don't really need to concern yourself with it, unless you have a specific reason to know.

If you maintain a bunch of big php applications then life without composer would create a huge amount of bug-prone work.  Downloading zip files, copying files, making sure they're in the right place, etc.  Who wants to deal with all that when it can be automated by tools like composer?  I'd much rather run a single command like 'composer update' than to have to go hunt down an upgraded version of some obscure package.

Another advantage of composer is when you have multiple people working on the same project.  Everyone can be on the "same page" as far as what dependencies are required, as they are specified in a single place (composer.json). 

The advantages far outweigh any benefit of managing dependencies yourself, and I always surprised to see opposition to using tools like composer.

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