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CI in apache userdirs (domain.com/~user/public/ci)

(This post was last modified: 03-19-2021, 09:06 PM by evansharp.)

Paths.php is unmodified.

Quote:index.php ==> /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/public/index.php
FCPATH ==> /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/public/
$paths  ==> Config\Paths Object
    [systemDirectory] => /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/app/Config/../../vendor/codeigniter4/framework/system
    [appDirectory] => /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/app/Config/..
    [writableDirectory] => /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/app/Config/../../writable
    [testsDirectory] => /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/app/Config/../../tests
    [viewDirectory] => /home/kaimartin/www/hiperplanner/app/Config/../Views

The splash has never loaded correctly. My test project has shown a 404 from the beginning. As I said though, it is the CI 404 that references url segments as controllers, not apache's 404.

I've never tried to use the output of __DIR__ in a variable like the Paths config does; should it be resolving the parent entry before setting the $paths value?

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