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problems passing base64_encoded value

I'm trying to pass a password reset token as part of a CI4 url --it's 32 random bytes encoded using base64_encode. Suppose the token was generated this way:
PHP Code:
// returns LGziiALPuVrzIruXQNiFzDWbJuZNIT//zjgTh5FO288=
$token base64_encode(random_bytes(32)); 
NOTE the two slashes in it. I'll need to urlencode.

I'm having a few problems:

1) If I try to add this token to a url like so:
PHP Code:
$url site_url("/password-reset/token/" urlencode($token)); 
then, for some strange reason, site_url function decodes the urlencoded token, yielding this:

2) If I create the site url without the token (which seems awkward, to be honest) and then append the urlencoded token like this:
PHP Code:
$url site_url('/password-reset/token/') . urlencode($token); 
then I get a url that looks good:
but CI4 doesn't like the url and gives me 404 Not Found. It doesn't like the % chars.

Is there some way to get codeigniter to allow url-encoded values in its segments? Is there any security risk in doing so? It seems pretty limited if we can't urlencode values to pass them in as autorouted parameters.

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