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Encrypt/Decrypt Confusion - Blank Decrypts

New to Encrypt/Decrypt in CI4. Having a strange issue where doing an encrypt/decrypt as a test on the view page works as expected. But if I save the encrypted data into my MySQL table (varchar 255 column), when I decrypt the data, it comes back blank. Looking for any pointers or a fresh set of eyes to point out my mistake.
On page (view) works:
PHP Code:
$encrypter = \Config\Services::encrypter();
$key hex2bin($_ENV['encryption.key']);
$ciphertext base64_encode($encrypter->encrypt($orig$key));


<p>Original: <?= $orig?></p>
<p>Encrypted: <?= $ciphertext?></p>
<p>Decrypted: <?php echo $encrypter->decrypt(base64_decode($ciphertext), $key); ?></p> 
This produces:
Original: 4444333322221111

Encrypted: QjH3ZJIaPX7N1G+VJMACMcaWZOyIWgvKGSSpNtayyytlMt04reCNuCFB7xe2Hse5CQOYswBDWxpjXHxJoMW3jDwMcs5zWV/S

Decrypted: 4444333322221111

But if I save the data to my table, like this:
PHP Code:
$post $this->request->getPost();
$encrypter = \Config\Services::encrypter();
$key hex2bin($_ENV['encryption.key']);

$ccdata['cc_num'] = base64_encode($encrypter->encrypt(cleanCCNum($post['payment_cc']), $key));


and try to bring it back later in my controller with:
PHP Code:
$orig $payment['cc_num'];
$encrypter = \Config\Services::encrypter();
$key hex2bin($_ENV['encryption.key']);

'<p>Original: ' $orig '</p>';
'<p>Decrypted: ' $encrypter->decrypt(base64_decode($orig), $key) . '</p>';

I get: 
Original: 2OklJexxXUZIK9uPGOHE//Bc9BIHoCc5BUD5KOva3pgCYkqyivIB+MJlbJJJSE6/5yxnf5H3h/zVhJtcCoMc8js/tq3674E4


So it appears to be saving correctly, but decrypting is returning an empty string.

Any help is appreciated!

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