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CodeIgniter version 3.0 ??

I am totally new to CI. On many websites I read that CI version 3.0 is under development and Ellislab leave CI.
Please tell me about CI 3.0 official release how I can use it ?? Also tell me the future of CI 3.0.

Please be humble I am new here Smile

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Hi ehtesham.

 It might be hard to be humble, I hope you will accept that we are polite, instead.

 Since you are posting on the CI forums, I'll assume you know about the CodeIgniter website:

My advice is to start there and read everything...

 The most important thing I can offer is to become reasonably proficient at straight PHP, knowing that will give you a huge advantage when using this framework.  You could try to do both at the same time, but I think understanding plain PHP first is the better way to go.

 Download CI version 3.0.  At this time, the current version is Release Candidate 2 (RC2) and it is very usable.  Install it on your server of choice and go through the tutorial contained in the User Guide.

 Feel free to ask questions here, in the appropriate sub-forums.  Most people here are more than willing to help you get started with CI.

  As far as the future of CI, my crystal ball is cloudy and unreliable at best.  I would hope that Ci returns to the same degree of acceptance (or better) which it enjoyed under Ellislabs.  I see no reason that this cannot or will not happen.  CI is, in my opinion, a very good PHP framework, offering a smaller footprint compared to some other competitors.  CI has my endorsement, for what that is worth, and I plan to use it for the foreseeable future.

  I would advise that you remember that your tool set should not be limited to one framework and a good coder is willing to switch between tools as needed by each job.
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I love CI. Its also not very easy for me to move to another framework. I have big projects written in CI and CI works great for me! I see a bright CI future Angel

The fact that CI moved from Ellislabs to an educational institution makes me see even a brighter future for CI.

I am an orthopaedic surgeon from Spain. I made the application for my office using Linux Mint, Apache, PostgreSQL and ... CodeCharge. It's being fine for now and CCS has given me lot of knowledge but now I'm developing my web application with CI-3.0. It is like changing the darkness into sunlight.

Having your PHP great on-line manual and a good understanding of OOP is the clue, for me. CI is the best framework form my profile, as said ¡a surgeon!. You can develop almost every idea you may have. I find CI clear, simple and straight forward and I'm sure all the people from British Columbia will make it a great tool to keep going forward.

Best regards.

I am using CI-30RC2 it is very good,New user guide is clear.

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