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CI, FreakAuth libraries, API, and misc...

I'm doing a small app for fun using CI and FAL and have a few questions.

1. Does FAL have APIs to get ALL users and admins? I looked at the index() in the FAL's admin/admins controllers and it seems to do just that. So I thought it doesn't have it. Could you confirm? If that's the case, I'd extend FAL library using MyFAL_demo as a template. If someone already did that, would you mind sharing your code? I don't want to 'reinvent' the wheel Smile

2. This question is kinda basic, but why can't I do $this->freakauth_light->belongsToGroup()in the view code? I'm currently using getUserProperty('role') as an alternative.

Any pointer or suggestion is much appreciated.

bump Smile

Just FYI in case you're interested. Since the FAL's models seem to be very good and already have most of the APIs I was looking for, I ended up writing a custom model that calls FAL's models and assembles data the way I wanted. Then my my controller would call the custom model.

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