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Server or Client side validation?

[eluser]Mr Lazy[/eluser]

I have a one field form using the CI validation class, and I must say it is neat. But I also have a page in my application with a large number of checkboxes on it that are dynamicaly displayed based upon data from the database.

My question is, if the validation fails on that page, how do I persist the data? I cannot define it in the controller before hand as I do not know what checkboxes will be on that page.

I am thinking of using client-side (jQuery) validation that can do the validation and there will be no screen refresh, so on screen data persistence will not become an issue.

I am interested to know what experienced CI/PHP folks think about this.


I use normal validation and not jquery.

You can try ...

javascript validations should always be backed up by server side validation for the obvious reason.

If you keep the checkboxes in a database you also have the relations between the checkboxes so you can do a check on the posted values and see if it aren't orphan values. But instead of a warning i would complete the the relations, this makes the user feel less stupid and it saves you the trouble coming up with relation warnings.

[eluser]Mr Lazy[/eluser]
Sorry, maybe I am being a little thick, if I don't know which (or how many) checkboxes there are on the page, how do I re-populate them after screen refresh?


I created a simple function to do this
function form_checked($field)
    return (isset($_POST[$field]))?' checked="checked"':'';
But you can create custom form_checkbox function that does the same if you like to use the form helper to generate your form fields.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Why don't you know that, Mr Lazy? Is your app just too lazy to care?

[eluser]Mr Lazy[/eluser]
Thanks xwero, neat little function. I guess the CI validation vs jQuery decision I am trying to make is also to do with the error message. I guess both forms of validation will be able to display an error message?


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
There is no choice sadly, you must have Server validation or your data will have as much integrity as a US politician.

If its one or the other, use CodeIgniter (server-side) validation. If you want it to look pretty, use jQuery validation as well as CodeIgniter.

Not much point having a pretty set of error messages if the user can just turn it off and break your site.

I prefer a mix something like:

$(function() {

<? if ($this->validation->error_string): ?>
    <p class="error hidden">&lt;?=$this->validation->error_string;?&gt;</p>

Obviously this assumes error is a big red box and hidden is display:none;

Might not be as pretty but simplifies things and means I only have one set of rules to worry about.

But, Server AND Client validation not?

I have both. All of my forms have server side validation and then I add client side as a feature. This means that if javascript is disabled, the validation still occurs on postback.

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