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Photography Proofing site

Hi everyone,

I am designing a Proofing website for a client. from the back end I need to add clients, and then add photos to each client. Then from the front end the client could login and view only their photos.

I am not sure how to go about this.

Also when i show the clients photos, i would like to watermark them. Should I do this on the fly with codeignitor or watermark them when I add them to the client?


If you need more details, PM me and i'll explain.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Why don't you take some professional help on this and pay for it. Just a suggestion since you are actually asking for the logic to do something and not some coding help.
P.S: I developed such a site for a company who hires artist and digital designers to create required artwork.
Have a good day !!!


The reason I am asking for "logic" is because I am kinda stuck on how I could do it. It was only a request for some help code or logic.
If i needed that much help i would have sought "professional" help.

Thanks for the idea though.... I have some stuff sketched out from some people who have helped me through PM.


- add users CRUD shouldn't be too hard
- add photos CRUD should have a field with "select user", so you can store the user's id in the photo library
- the login process is just some authentification, google "codeigniter auth tutorial" for that or use one of the existing libraries.
- use the id from the logged in user to query the photos database to display only those with their id...

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I just think it's sad that you offered your expertise at an expense to another individual or business, when you, in fact—the sad fact—lack that expertise. If you are a professional programmer, logic should be your #1 area of expertise. If this client is not a paying client, then my point is completely moot.

Cut him some slack guys... Okay, maybe RogerM has offered to do something that's a little over his head, but you can only learn right?

I'm pretty convinced he won't be getting 1000 of dollars for this job. If he is, I'd like a cut :p

[quote author="Bramme" date="1224507611"]- the login process is just some authentification, google "codeigniter auth tutorial" for that or use one of the existing libraries.[/quote]

You mean this one? ;-)

Ok, was little bit off-topic, but I like the tutor :-)

Yeah :p

I was happy to see my own site at the top of google rankings, so I thought, let's type that instead of going through the trouble of copy pasting my own url :p

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