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flexigrid column width fit entire row


Is there a way to configure flexigrid, that the columns always use the entire row, regardless of their content? (like the behaviour of a classic html-table).

Unfortunately I wasn't successful with width='auto', but maybe this configuration isn't supposed to. (I tried some auto-width combinations with col-width & grid-width, too - no success)

Here is my example call (pretty basic)
            url\: '___DYNAMICURLPATH___',
            dataType\: 'json',
            colModel \: \[
                {display\: '', name \: 'act', width \: 'auto',  align\: 'left'},
                {display\: 'Name', name \: 'name', width \: 'auto',  align\: 'left'},
            buttons \: \[
                {name\: 'Question anlegen', bclass\: 'add', onpress \: addObject}
#            searchitems \: \[
#                {display\: 'Name', name \: 'name', isdefault\: true},
#                {display\: 'Ort', name \: 'ort'}
#                \],
            sortname\: "name",
            sortorder\: "asc",
            usepager\: true,
            title\: 'Objekte',
            useRp\: true,
            rp\: 15,
            showTableToggleBtn\: true,
            width\: 'auto',
            onSubmit\: addFormData,
            onSuccess\: setAjaxForms,
            height\: 400

thanks for any advice!

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