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What is the best IDE for development with CI

(This post was last modified: 03-02-2015, 12:24 PM by mwhitney.)

First, for HTML/CSS preview, install a local server on your development machine. It's very rare that an IDE can manage to give you an accurate preview, especially when you're dealing with MVC frameworks and potentially template libraries or other items which might make development easier but obscure the final result before PHP processes the code. This also allows you a better chance to see the real result in multiple browsers before exposing it to the real world.

Personally, I also prefer to develop on a multi-monitor system when possible, so I can keep my browser and code on separate screens and keep multiple code and browser windows open without making it difficult to view one or the other.

Rather than an IDE, I use SublimeText 3. I previously used Komodo IDE, but after a few weeks of trying SublimeText, I found it faster, more responsive, and at least as useful as (if not moreso than) most of the IDEs I've used over the years. It does take a little more effort to find and configure plugins/packages to add helpful features, but it seems to be much more likely that features I want are available for SublimeText than many IDEs.

Some plugins I've found helpful include Package Control (which makes finding/managing other plugins much easier), Phpcs (PHP CodeSniffer support), SublimeCodeIntel, XDebug Client, DockBlockr, and Alignment.

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