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Calling controller and method via "relative path"?

I a using CI v2 on Google App Engine and I have ran into an issue when trying to use the Task Queue.

The URL parameter for a task requires a relative path to a PHP script.

Since CI uses controllers and methods, all fed from the main index.php file, there is no way I can use a path such as "index.php/path/to/code" (more so, I believe GAE tries to include this file, and since it isn't a real file, it cannot include it!)

Is there a way to trick GAE into thinking a controller and method is a relative path?

Or does anyone here have experience with getting GAE Tasks working with CI controllers?

Currently, I have got the Tasks to work by using a basic PHP script in the root of my project (alongside index.php) but I don't want this, as I don't know how I can use any of CI's models etc from this external script (exteranl form the app, not external as in I cannot control it)

Never tried GAE, but did you try using the CI's CLI? http://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/ge...ia-the-cli

I don't think that will help. The issue is that I need an actual file to target with the PushTask class.

Not sure how I'd point it to use the CLI when it is expecting a proper URI?

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