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Your impression of CI3 over others?

(09-22-2015, 10:53 AM)albertleao Wrote: I feel like a lot of CI developers are either new to development or just haven't explored outside the realm of scripting languages. Here's my advice, learn all the tools available to you!!!

VERY true... I wouldn't say I'm "new" to PHP, I've used a lot of PHP in my day, but it was usually for automation or just a quick interface to do something easy, like change an LDAP password or something like that, and unless its strictly web based, its never even PHP, usually Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash, etc. Ive always thought oh PHP as strictly a web language. But ive seen some CLI scripts that were PHP, really kinda weird, lol

I am however, new to frameworks. CI was definitely my first framework, and I jumped right to it because it was something that was used at my work. Now that I look back, it was an old legacy web-app, that was very outdated. lol. Where Im at now, they use CI, and they want me to fix whats broken in it, then re-write it in Laravel.

I didnt do any looking around, so when I started working on the application im on now, I started using CI for it, and im about 75% done, then I read this article comparing PHP Frameworks, and Laravel just blew me away. I was so upset I didn't do ANY research for frameworks. I also researched some JS frameworks, and fell in love with Angular.

My app is still in Alpha, so when 1.0 is pushed out, it will be all CI. But when we start development for 2.0, it will probably be Laravel and Angular, unless I fall head over heals for CI4 (if its out).

P.S. I am in no way saying CI isn't a good framework, its great. Easy, stable, quick, popular. Just that theres another one out there (Laravel) that has all that, and a lot of other new features from PHP, and its in high demand.

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