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Will CI 3 be ready for prime time?

I am about to start a new CI project. I see that CI3 is rolling along. I'd kind of hate for my nice new application to be antiquated when it is released, so I'd really LIKE to start out on 3. I have a few questions for the people who are testing and developing it.

  1. Is CI3 stable enough now to start developing against it? Would it pretty much run or crash enough to make me cry?
  2. Is CI3 likely to be stable enough for a live application in a few months? Not necessarily final CI3.0 but usable?
  3. If I get done and CI3 isn't stable enough, how hard would it be to devolve to CI2?
  4. Am I out of my mind?

I'm not looking for any guarantees, just a sense of how things stand and how things are going. I think that if CI3 is workable, it should be useful for me to be using it and reporting bugs and suggestions. And I don't really need any help on the last question. It is a forgone conclusion.

Mark Willcox - Data Helper, Inc.

I've been using it for a project I started a couple of months ago and haven't hit any issues. I'm hoping to upgrade to a Release build before project completion Smile

CI3 is currently at Release Candidate 3.

Take a look at the commits on github for an idea of what's been updated/ fixed recently.  You can gauge activity for yourself.

The only issue I've hit was with session regeneration – and once I'd reported it, was fixed the same day (thanks, Narf).

Generally release candidates are stable enough for production environment. If you don't want your new application to be antiquated, definitely go with CI3. It brings lot of changes. Most people use it for production for a few months already. I believe CI2 won't get security fixes anymore after CI3 final release and you may have lot of trouble updating it to CI3.

Many people were using CI3 in production before the release candidates started, and, at this point, I have little doubt that it's stable enough to start a project on CI3. With the rise in interest generated by the release candidates, issues are being found and resolved very quickly (and many seem to center on the sessions library/drivers, which were the most recent large change brought into the CI3 codebase). Depending on the size of the project, CI3 may be released before the project is finished, and it should be relatively easy to merge the changes into your project.

My main concern with building a project on CI2 would be to really look at the CI3 upgrade notes and do as much as possible to make sure your code can handle the transition. There are many libraries which have been written to work in both CI2 and CI3, with minimal changes (usually changing the case of the first letter of the filenames of controllers and libraries, as almost everything else can be handled by the code of the library itself). You could even modify (or extend) the CI2 loader to allow use of the same filename conventions as CI3 to make the transition easier.

I'm using CI 3 for a ton of projects of mine (these are navision projects with different databases and so on)
I started using the CI-DEV Release in October 2014

Since now, the only issue i had was a problem with Redis Components (i use Redis for session, caching etc.)
And even that, Narf has fixed this issues instantly after i reported it.
So i can tell you, there is nothing wrong with CI RC3

The only problem i can imagine - is - that you get troubles with the upgrading process
So i encourage you to read http://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/in...=upgrading carefully and everything should be fine.

Thanks, all, I'm going with CI 3.
Mark Willcox - Data Helper, Inc.

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