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.Epub file for CodeIgniter 3 User Manual
(This post was last modified: 03-25-2015, 07:53 AM by SlimG. Edit Reason: Link did not work )

I compiled the CodeIgniter 3 User Manual for my own use.

I've linked to it here for whoever else would like to read their CodeIgniter on their e-reader devices.
Download link -> http://bit.ly/codeigniter3epub

I take no credit beyond the six commands I ran to compile it in Ubuntu 14.10 Wink

Here are instructions for those who are interested in compiling their own .epub instead of downloading the compiled one from the link above:
sudo apt-get install git python-sphinx python-sphinxcontrib.phpdomain
git clone --branch develop https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter.git
cd CodeIgniter/user_guide_src/cilexer
sudo python setup.py install
cd ..
make epub

The resulting epub will be located in build/epub/CodeIgniter.epub

You can replace "epub" in the last command with one of the following if you prefer another output format:
  • html       to make standalone HTML files
  • dirhtml    to make HTML files named index.html in directories
  • singlehtml to make a single large HTML file
  • pickle     to make pickle files
  • json       to make JSON files
  • htmlhelp   to make HTML files and a HTML help project
  • qthelp     to make HTML files and a qthelp project
  • devhelp    to make HTML files and a Devhelp project
  • epub       to make an epub
  • latex      to make LaTeX files, you can set PAPER=a4 or PAPER=letter
  • latexpdf   to make LaTeX files and run them through pdflatex
  • text       to make text files
  • man        to make manual pages
  • changes    to make an overview of all changed/added/deprecated items
  • linkcheck  to check all external links for integrity
  • doctest    to run all doctests embedded in the documentation (if enabled)

My hat off to whoever wrote the manual, the content is of high quality, and the choice of using sphinx was genius! Smile

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