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Lies about CI

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i wouldn't normally be upset -- but this guy is the PHP editor for site point


then on twitter - he expanded and called codeigniter a menace to society. SMH.

Yeah, the guy is well known for his hatred against CodeIgniter, although that Quora answer in particular is rather well-mannered. To be fair, usage of phrases like "ancient practices" in regards to CI is a bit extreme, but we do have a lot of catching up to do in terms of being "modern" - that's no secret to anybody.

That he'd almost always bash CI isn't honorable, but everybody is entitled an opinion - nothing to be done about that.

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It is annoying black PR, get used to it.

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I still find it fascinating that people think that just because something is built to support PHP prior to namespaces that means that namespaces and Composer can't be used with your project. I've done it successfully for quite a while. Add one line of code to your index.php file (or, in version 3, change one config setting) and Composer is ready to go and you can namespace to your heart's content. True, CI isn't namespaced but that doesn't stop anyone from using it.

From other things I've seen from Bruno he's been in a position to control everything about his projects, including hosting, etc, for quite a while, and has become jaded to other people's situations that don't have that luxury.

To be fair, I do agree with some of the things mentioned in IRCMaxwell's post, but it's all stuff that will be fixed in the next major version. People simple need to remember history of projects and things make sense.

EDIT: I just realized that Bruno did clarify things and say you could still use namespacing, etc, with CodeIgniter, so ignore that portion of the rant. Smile

no he had all that about namespaces  -- then he edited the original post after he was called out on twitter.

his idea that a framework is supposed to teach you programming is flawed. thats like saying a hammer is supposed to teach you carpentry. a good framework eliminates the drudgery of programming. with a great framework the average developer never needs to look at the code in the core because it already works as advertised.

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As my opinion ci is the best

this is false CI helped me learn tons of stuff and still does
CI helps you to think how to build it not what package to download and use without knowing how it works dont get me wrong i use packages too but sometimes you can't find a package that works best for you this is where CI is the best you can build it super easy, fast and just the way you like it yes sometimes the result is bad but with practice it can become even better than some packages

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