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Css Issues

Sweet. I'll post it tonight. Congratulations.

Thanks for all your help, also could you tell me where I am going wrong so I dont make the same distakes again. As i still dont understand why parts of the css works in IE and other parts dont?


[eluser]Daniel Moore[/eluser]
Go to wcschools.com and go through their CSS tutorial. It will teach you the basics of what you need to know. Then do a Google search on "IE Quirks" and find a tutorial on how to make your CSS cross-browser compatible.


[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
the sitepoint reference is a good resource also. It defines which style properties are buggy or working in most browsers.

It's probably because the marquee is 200px wide, but it's container is only 191px wide.

You could make a lot of things simpler, optimizing it at the same time. You're using CSS, but in a style that much resembles table based layouts. Try not to think about your design as a bunch of puzzle pieces. Think of it instead like a bunch of layers in a collage, overlapping eachother. Your background image should be a single image, which would make things easier and faster by cutting down on the number of requests the browser has to make.

Also, your images are all jpegs, which is really only good for photorealistic images. Only your portrait should be jpeg, all the others should be gif or png (I recommend png as they usually look better and sport a smaller size).

For the brownish containers, I would use CSS only instead of background images. Just set the background and a 2px border. The images do make the border look a little softer, but only very subtly and the difference isn't enough to warrant the additional work and bandwidth needed to make them image based. If I did go image based, I'd use 3 images to create the two columns - 1 for the top, 1 repeat-y, and 1 for the bottom, as so:
__________________________    __________
|                         |  |          |    //top cap

Thanks for all the Help!

Do I need to reslice my PSD?

hi use some css frame work like blueprint it will help you to solve this problem.

Hey, sorry this is late. I had it finished but forgot to upload it. There's no countdown timer yet, but I'll post a javascript version tomorrow.

Also, I styled the links as they originally were in your PSD and used the purple style as a hover, but you could just switch them if you prefer. Let me know if this works out, and if there's anything else that might be helpful to you.

For future reference, I recommend the Sitepoint book, The CSS Anthology by Rachel Andrew. It's done a bit like a recipe book so you can easily find approaches to common tasks. It is well written, accurate, and a great resource. I use it every project as I just can't keep all those little itsy bitsy things in my head! Worth the cash, as it can often be confusing finding the answers via Dr Google as there's lots of bad CSS stuff about the place natch.

Thanks for that. Do you have any good tutorials on how to slice a psd?

Again Thank you

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