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How much PHP should one know BEFORE using CodeIgniter?

I know basic php statements
what level of php should I be before i start using CodeIgniter?

and ....

any resource (book, site, etc..) you recommend that will teach me more php - but in a simple and systematic way?


Derek (on of the team behid CI) made a post (here) about learning PHP and CI (Codeigniter) at the same time.

Personally, I think as long as you have a reasonable understanding, and can follow the basic logic of some existing PHP code, then you know enough to get started
I would recommend you look into OOP (Object Orientated Programming) assuming you will be using PHP5 as its better (IMO) then procedural PHP Smile

2 Very important sites white learning are the PHP docs and the user guide, make sure you bookmark both (I lied, Googles your thrid resource Tongue)

Any other questions and I'm sure someone will be more then happy to help

i want to create am "online social community" -- similar to ELGG
but with a more functional design

ELGG requires even the home page to be modified (custom_index mod)

so i want to create one that will work in ANY server that has MySQL & PHP
and will work well straight out of the box

and make it freeware and open source

and that if what i want to do

Not sure what 'wierd server requirements' you're refering to, I just installed it onto a local server with no problems
And there's nothing like a nice ambitious first project Tongue

You ever programmed a large project before, or is PHP your first language?

cool you know elgg

i never programmed a large project before
but i understand WHAT is require (its design)
now learning HOW to do it (implementation)

CodeIgniter will be a great help

and looking forward to its many challenges

So this will be my first project

anyone ever created a cool project without creating a "first" ?

I didn't know of Elgg till half an hour ago lol, just downloaded it to have a look (~40,000 lines of PHP + comments)

I attempted to do a 'cool' project when I only knew the basics of PHP, it was a Project Management System... it turned out to be such a disaster... it eventually died when I realised I was still too much of a n00b and didn't have the time to learn proper PHP or carry on with it.
I'm not starting that project again using CI as part of my 3rd year project at uni (if you have any ideas for a PMS, see the link in my sig).
I actually found some of my old code and plans for it today... it's so embarassing lol

Edit: Not that I'm trying to put you off Tongue

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I think it's most important that you understand programming fundamentals more than any specific language. In fact, syntax is the easy part. This is how people can fairly easily bounce between JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc. You're typically doing the same things (OOP, conditions, loops, functions) just in a different syntax.

I slightly dabbled in Perl for a couple years, then decided PHP was a bit easier to work with and quickly thereafter found CI. The Perl to PHP switch was simple (hardly a difference) but OOP was new to me. But it made logical sense so it was easy to grasp.

Good luck in your endeavors.

i agree

In college i studied


then once out of college I discovered PHP

the logic is the same, only the syntax differs

one question I have:

are "hooks" good to use? you recommend I use them?
in what situation will they be useful?
and where can i learn about "hooks" a bit more?

whoa .... too many questions on my part -- right?

i just want to learn PHP well --- be the best at it -- and contriube to CI

If I have time, I would be glad to help you JPrieto. That is in my mind too, to make a social network system that is far better than Elgg. Now, I got a mate.

cool - count on it

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