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thickbox problem.

I am facing a problem in using thickbox with CI. It just works like a normal link. No error message, but nothing is happening.It just takes me to the new page.

Is there anything wrong with this code ?

<?php $url=base_url().'index.php/admin/Addproduct/AddImage/'.$id.'?height=360&width=480';?>
<a href="&lt;?=$url;?&gt;" title="Add Image for Product" id="aTest" class="thickbox">Add Image</a></div>

Do I need to add any Library or helper in the controller ? If so, which one ?

Thanks in advance.

[quote author="quest13" date="1245855581"]Is there anything wrong with this code ?[/quote]

Yes. The filenames of your controllers should be all lowercase, and they should be called upon in the same way. This won't matter too much on a Windows system, but if you ever move your project to a Linux system, you will encounter a lot of problems.

also, instead of using base_url().'index.php', you can use site_url()
Which is actually better, at it requires no extra changes if you rename index.php in the future

Sorry, not helped to solve my problem.

Can u tell me the config.php and jquery.php settings of CI?

Is there any library/helper need be loaded in specific ?


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