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print substring but show full words not cutted character..!!

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
Hi all,
I need little help from you.I want to print content of post but limited portion and after that i show a link "Read More" in end so that it leads to full post detail. But when i use substr() func and use 200 character it prints well but i need to print or need to end substring with full word


This is my post and when it mak...ReadMore

I need:
This is my post and when it makes...ReadMore

One idea is to use array to store word by word but any idea from you guys!

thanks in advance:

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Do your substr, then loop backward, trimming until you reach a word breaking character.

You could always use thge character_limiter function in the text helper

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
Thanks guys ! character_limiter() func is really workig well.

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