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Session valid for http://www.domain.com but not for http://domain.com

[quote author="brianw1975" date="1251923044"]Keep in mind that you might not see raw data if you use the session helper, you'll probably see an encrypted string if you are using the encryption capabilities. In application/config/config.php

| Encryption Key
| If you use the Encryption class or the Sessions class with encryption
| enabled you MUST set an encryption key.  See the user guide for info.
$config['encryption_key'] = "some random string here";

[quote author="codex" date="1251922404"][quote author="brianw1975" date="1251922145"]you shouldn't need to.... have you looked at the cookies that are being set for each and see what the difference is? Web Developer add-on for Firefox makes this simple.[/quote]

I see that there's ci_session cookies for both www.domain.com and domain.com. I guess I will have to take a closer look at how the cookies are being set.[/quote][/quote]

Yes, but the browser will still make the domain viewable, as that is a cookie parameter, not cookie contents. The browser needs to know which domains the cookie is valid on so that it knows who to send them to - so this part is not encrypted by CI.

It is because the browser will not send a www.domain.com cookie to .domain.com requests that this problem occured, not because CI was not accepting the returned cookie value or browsed domain.

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Session valid for http://www.domain.com but not for http://domain.com - by El Forum - 09-02-2009, 09:57 AM

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