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RedBean ORM

[eluser]Boris Strahija[/eluser]
I'm just curious if anyone has successfully integrated RedBean ORM to work with CodeIgniter. It looks really simple and easy to use.

It seems really, really cool, actually - but from a brief look I don't see why you'd really need to integrate it. It seems you just pop it in, include it, and use it as-is without modification.

[eluser]Boris Strahija[/eluser]
Hm, I don't think it's that simple if I want to use the same configuration as the CI db class, and I want to use the $this->load->model() method.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I need to build a hook or a MY_Model class.

OIC, yes indeed not quite that simple. I'd start with getting it working the quick and dirty way, then working towards it just working. I believe you'd load it as a library first to get it using CI configuration (probably need a wrapper) then I think you are right about the MY_Model class.

Personal preference admittedly, but I rather like not having to use model loading to access database functions in DMZ, so I would think the short simple syntax offered by RedBeans would best to be preserved. $this->load->model('blog') seems inferior to $b = new Blog() - but again, personal preference.

[eluser]Boris Strahija[/eluser]
I was trying to do it myself, and I'm still trying some things out. I just tought that maybe somebody already did this.
I will definitely try to integrate it myself, and if it's good enogh maybe I'll share the code Wink

ORM should not be used as a model, they are totally separate things. A model can encapsulate ORM if required.

Of course the biggest mistake is to perform business logic in the controller using ORM objects directly, instead of passing to a model.

[eluser]Boris Strahija[/eluser]
Yes, you're absolutely right. It's a completely separate thing.

But I would need a model to create an object, of let's say Post(). The best way would be to use autoloading I suppose.
I think it would be something similar to the Doctrine integration.

You should indeed not use RedBean beans instead of Models. But you can use the beans inside your models. On my website I offer various ways to integrate beans in models. Depending on your architectural preferences you can pick the solution that appeals to you.

I am not sure how easy it is to integrate CI and RedBean. The Kohana folks seem to be discussing the same right now.

[eluser]Boris Strahija[/eluser]
I had some time today and I got RedBean working with CI. It was actually very simple. I'm sure there's a better way but this one works for me just fine. So here's my sollution if anyone is interested:

1. I put all the RedBean files into /app/thirdparty/redbean/
2. Create a library (/app/libraries/redbean.php), and put this code into the constructor
$this->ci =& get_instance();

// Include database configuration

// Include required files

// Database data
$hostname     = $db[$active_group]['hostname'];
$username     = $db[$active_group]['username'];
$password     = $db[$active_group]['password'];
$database     = $db[$active_group]['database'];

// Create RedBean instance
$toolbox = RedBean_Setup::kickstartDev('mysql:host='.$hostname.';dbname='.$database, $username, $password);
$this->ci->rb = $toolbox->getRedBean();

3. Then in your controller you can do stuff like this:
$post = $this->rb->dispense("post");
$post->title = 'My first post from CodeIgniter';
$post->body ='Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit....';
$post->created = time();
$id = $this->rb->store($post);

Ant that's it. Haven't tested it much but everything seems to work.
If someone has a better sollution just let me know Wink

Thanks for the posts, Boris. Got me set up almost immediately.

I've been trying out just setting up a few ORMs in the past few days and have grown increasingly frustrated at the complexity - I wanted a simple, lightweight drop-in ORM.

RedBean works swell so far!

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