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I need a supermodel. :)

I'm puzzled about what exactly I need in order to fit my application. I'm diligently creating models that handle the database, but I have need of some sort of ... 'controller' - for lack of a better word. A traffic-cop object. Let me explain a bit further.

The project presents lessons for users, so there are text Q&A quizzes and other verification methods, each of which is tied to a different model. What I need is some object to tie all of these together - a Proctor class. It decides what kind of test to administer, determines whether the user passes, moves the user to the next lesson, etc. Lessons, Classes, Tests, Users ... all models. I need something to handle the interactions between these models that isn't necessarily going to be a controller - after all, I don't want the users hitting the /proctor URI - that breaks the idea of controller.

It could be a helper, but that seems to be backwards - calling the Proctor from inside the individual objects. So am I looking at a library? I've looked at a few of the ORM and HMVC solutions, and it seems like a whole lot of bulk to add (and understand) for what I would think is a rather simple piece of control code.


You can create a MY_Model library which extends the core Model library, every Model loaded will extend it.

file application/libraries/MY_Model.php :
class MY_Model extends Model {

    function MY_Model()

Edit :
Extending Models :
class Extending_model extends MY_Model {

    function Extending_model() {


A base model could be a good idea. If you need more loose coupling you could create a proctor library. By using a library the proctor code would be separated from your models, instead of being part of it.

The problem with extending all models is that all models don't descend from, or need, Proctor (the ecommerce section, for example). I suppose I could extend the base Model for each super-model I need, then descend from those, but that seems like a rather large tangle. I'm going to go with a library for now, and hope for better ORM libraries in the future.

I personally think that ORM is the last bit that separates CI from being as top-notch as Rails. Well, that and CI is a bazillion times easier to deploy. Smile

Of course, you do not have to extend the base model in every model Smile

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