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how to save copyright?

Hello ,
i finished my application with codeigniter ..and the problem that i will provide the application for many sites and so i ask how can i do a system with codeigniter wich make me able to manage and controlle licences , hm maybe when i found a site wich is not autorised to use the application i can remove the databases or do something wich can stop the application .

Look into Zend Optimizer or Ion Cube. They basically give you the ability to encrypt php files so that they cannot be edited. Even if you want to leave your app open source, you can set up an 'authorization file' with a secret key, and that authorization file will be encrypted. Check against the value in the file in every controller, and if it passes the controller loads or if it fails the controller alerts the user and then aborts.

I believe that is how ExpressionEngine protects the 30 day demo of their most recent release.

hey nelson , please can you be more explicit? give me just a little example ..

any idea?

This should help a bit:

i knew ioncube ..
i want do something wich will make me than able to breaks down the application from any website if it don't have a valable licence ..

An intelligent backdoor Smile , even if no commercial has it, but you could try. vBulletin has some backdoors Wink)

Btw, if someone will find one backdoor in your application, your product's life is OVER

Mareshal that's what i want know how to do that can you provide me by more informations ..
the application will be commercial..


up ?

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