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Best Practice for Images : Generating Thumbs or Resizing on the Fly

@ Jondolar : Thanks for the suggestions, they're very helpful.

@ shoelessone :

Thanks for your reply. I should clarify that, when I say 'AJAX', what I'm really doing is exactly what you're saying. I have a thumb which links to a view which has an image tag whose source gets dynamically re-generated and displayed on-click. Then I have CSS which resizes the fullsize image down to a medium size. I didn't know about the fact that CSS would scale proportionally if I didn't give it a height, so thanks very much for that, as it, in effect, at least partially does what I want. The problem now is that because the displayed image's height isn't fixed, it pushes the thumbnails beneath it down, or raises them up, depending on its variable height. The only way I see to have a fixed width / height is to create other thumbs with maintain_ratio set to true and then wrap the thumbs in a containing div with padding and a fixed width height which are equal to the parameters I pass to resize.

Anyhow, all that to say THANKS for this - it was really insightful, and I appreciate it. (And if you feel I've got my facts or logic wrong here, let me know!)

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Best Practice for Images : Generating Thumbs or Resizing on the Fly - by El Forum - 04-30-2010, 10:12 AM

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