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anchor function for in page links

At the top of my page I will have links to jump to different id's within the same page like this
<a href="#id-1">First section</a>
<a href="#id-2">Second section</a>
<a href="#id-3">Third section</a>

If I use the anchor function from codeigniter like this

&lt;?php echo anchor('#id-1', 'First section'); ?&gt;

It creates a link to the full url where as I just want it to move the page down to that id.

If I just put the regular <a> tag in it works fine.

Is there a way to do this with codeigniter or should I just stick with the HTML tags?


The strength of the CI anchor() method lies in that it is based on the concept of in-CI urls. Something you cannot do with plain html as easily. Since you are making an internal link on the same page you can just reference PHP_SELF or even just <a href="#id-1">.

That said I don't use anchor all that much myself. Not a big fan of internal links. Smile

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