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Search function of a database


I have had a web page product update script written using CI.

In Admin it shows the categories and products which are in the mySQL db listed 12 to a page. Could end up being 50 pages of products.

Trouble is they are not in Alpha order and there is no search function so to find a product to change,add or delete one has to go page by page reading down everyn product to find the one you want.

It is totally unproductive.

The coder says it takes a lot of code to sort the list in Alpha and the search option is just off the radar.

I need to know if this is the case and if in fact it is easy enough for another coder to complete the job.



Hi john,

Changing the sorting option might be trivial or it might be complex, and depends on how the current code queries the database - same applies to developing search functionality. Generally it's fairly easy to change the sort order if you want the new order to be the *only* order in which the data is displayed. But again, it depends on how your current developer has coded the query to retrieve the records from the DB.

You might also need to find out what rights you have (if any) regarding modification of the existing code by a third party developer.



Thanks for the reply.

Yes we just need a permanent Alpha sort on the Product name.

At the moment each new product or category is added to the bottom of the list in Admin so with many products it is a hard slog to try and find a product to change or delete it.

Also I wanted to increase the amount of rows in the index list from 10 to 50 or so. At the moment one has to look at 10 then go to the next page of 10, and so on.

I hired the coder to do the work and he has obviously used CI instead of regular php.

Thanks again.


As crikey stated above make sure you have rights to modifiy
the source code!

But this should work for you.




Yes I do have rights as it was agreed I owned all the work.

I will go and look at those options as soon as I can.

Many thanks..


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