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Version Control

Hi guys,

I know that there are a lot of questions on here and other forums about Version Control but I have a question which never seems to be covered by anyone (I may well be wrong about that Smile

Do you guys version control the whole CI website, including the index.php and ./system folder or do you simply version the ./application folder?

Many thanks,


The entire site.

I want a direct link between the application's code and the version of the framework used. And with /system versioned as well, it's not to difficult to merge in updates to the framework. It will allow you do see the modifications a merge would make, and judge wether or not they will impact your application.

I run a different route, I run several sites off of an identical systems folder. Reason being is that the sites are almost clones of one another. Views and specific files are modified from one to another, but the controllers, libraries, and such are identical.

In my case it made more sense to keep system under one version control repo (Hg) and each application in its own repo (Hg).

(the logic was also compounded by how Dreamhost makes you do file structure... this way I can update each site indiv, and push system patches (like 1.72 to 1.73) seperately.

For my project I also place whole CI in SVN (system + 5 sites).
They are all part of same project, so that makes it easier Smile

Tho' I can imagine in case like Nick said, that it is easier to do it separately.


[eluser]Eric Cope[/eluser]
I put the whole CI in SVN or Git.

The consensus seems to be, put everything under version control (unless you have a reason not to).

If anybody else would like to comment about how they do version control, please feel free (I'm sure I and others wold benefit from the collective CodeIgniter wisdom).

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
I put everything even notes if I have them. The only thing I do not put in version control is passwords for the db and/or email.

[eluser]Devon Lambert[/eluser]
The whole nine yards.... ohhhh sorry, yeah I put the whole site, including system folder. For all the reasons outlined above.

@Eric Barnes: How do you, personally, stop your passwords going under VC? Do you tell the VC app to ignore .../config/database.php (via .hgignore et al)?

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
[quote author="atw" date="1294983772"]@Eric Barnes: How do you, personally, stop your passwords going under VC? Do you tell the VC app to ignore .../config/database.php (via .hgignore et al)?[/quote]

Depends on the site. But here is how I normally do it.

I create a database.orig.php and then add database.php to the ignore list. This way when you create database.php it will never be committed.

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