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What CI friendly text editor do you use?

Hi guys,

It's time to move on from PhpED - it doesn't cope with the CI framework afaik.

What text editor do you guys use that handles CI ?

I'm running a windoze box for dev at the moment.


Komodo edit is free and pretty good Mac OS or Windows.


Then if you really really like it you can buy the IDE version (it's $$$)

I use Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) on Linux at home and on Windows at work and I love it. There's a lot of plugins you can install to get more features, like Subclipse for SVN integration and AnyEdit Tools for a lot of useful stuff.


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I'm using phpstorm and it didn't work out of the box with CI

BUT what I found is by that using docblocs ( which you should be using ) and referring to the relevant CI classes in your controller/models/libraries using the @property makes it all work!

For instance if I'm using the CI Loader I'll add in @property CI_loader load in the classes Docbloc and then the auto complete and everything else starts working.

There are other ways of doing this with adding in predefined listings of all the CI "bits" but I Never got that working and find that documenting it in each file makes more sense, even if it is a few seconds more of typing...

So that could that be a possible solution to your phpEd to make it play nice with CI?


I use NetBeans personally and with my students.
There is no CodeIgniter plugin for it (there was one way back), but that could be a good student project Undecided
James Parry
Project Lead

I use Sublime Text, very light, fast...just like CodeIgniter.
I installed 'Code​Igniter Snippets'(a package/plugin for Sublime Text) and if I write 'form' automatically appear a list(form_open, form_close, form_input,...) and if I hit enter on 'form_input' then it will write: form_input('name', 'value', $attributes);

vim...everything else is sub-optimal. Only one other I would consider is emacs.

(11-27-2014, 01:07 AM)slax0r Wrote: vim...everything else is sub-optimal. Only one other I would consider is emacs.

Haha .. hardcore ;o) Emacs i use sometimes to play.

My Editor of choise is PhpStorm, before i used ZendStudio.


Do you mean text editor or IDE? Not many (if any) have support for CI out of the box but it can be setup as an include path.

I use PhpStorm, Netbeans & SublimeText on Windows, CentOs & Ubuntu Linux. I have also briefly used PHPEd and Komodo IDE. I mostly use PhpStorm as an IDE for developing php and SublimeText as a text editor. I used to use Netbeans for php, but just use it for other stuff now.

Yea hey, Vim & Emacs is very hardcore! lol

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I recommend you to use vim, is a very fast editor because has a lot of commands that accelerate text edition. Furthermore has:
  • PHP completion.
  • PHP syntax checker plugin.
  • Git integration plugin.
  • Is very light, use low RAM
  • ...
  • And very useful snipets plugin (like textMate).


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