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how to config in WAMPSERVER

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I just install it in my wampserver and it runs there quite nicely.

1. but i couldn't understand where to start and how to start a new project?
2. what would be its 'base_url' variable? in a local server environment.

The base url would be something like http://localhost/my_new_web_app

If you don't know where to start, maybe you should start here : http://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/tu...index.html

Regarding the base_url:

I like to work my projects based on the URL that they'll be running on. Say you're developing a new version of codeigniter.com. I would then change my local hosts-file, so that codeigniter.com would point to Then change the Apache settings in the WAMP server, so that it knows that when you type in codeigniter.com in your browser (which is redirected to your local WAMP server by the hosts file) it needs to direct you to the correct htdocs.

In CI, you can then set codeigniter.com as base_url.

Added bonus: When you upload the project to the final destination, you don't need to change this value Smile

I do easier than that. I just put "/" or the subdirectory if it has one, like "/my_new_web_app". Then you don't need to mess with your host file and it works on any server.

or you could leave that option empty, which tells CI to figure it out on it's own. Reducing the hassle all together.
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