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Organizing Your Controllers into Sub-folders

I'm trying to organize into sub-folders, such as this:



I'm having trouble with the default controller. It just doesn't work, i get a 404.

I'd rather not setup routes for every default controller. Is there an alternative?


Use Modular Extensions - HMVC

Search the forum for HMVC you'll find plenty of help.

Hmm.. Is this the only way? Seems like it would be much simpler to simply define it in the routes

This is from the CodeIgniter docs:

Quote:Each of your sub-folders may contain a default controller which will be called if the URL contains only the sub-folder. Simply name your default controller as specified in your application/config/routes.php file

My default controller is 'main', which is applied at the domain level. But from the above statement it sounds like it's referring to the sub-folders for controllers?

i found this:


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