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Bancha, Open-source CMS

[eluser]Nicholas Valbusa[/eluser]
Hello, I just released Bancha 1.2. We got many big new features!


YAML Schemes, Bash Utilities and Module repositories has arrived!
v 1.2 - MAJOR UPDATE (May 1st, 2012)

AUTO UPGRADE FROM 1.x: run “bancha update” from the bash
MANUAL UPGRADE FROM 1.x: replace the core folder, the themes/admin/widgets folder and move your modules from core/modules to application/modules

- PostgreSQL drivers temporarily disabled due to core incompatibilities
- YAML Schemes added!! Now you can use them instead of the XML ones
- Premade schemes converted to YAML
- Documentation for YAML schemes
- Fix on the install process on some database drivers
- Initial “bindtextdomain” Gettext check
- New core class: Packages
- Modules have been moved from core/modules to application/modules
- Modules files now doesn’t need the ModuleName_ prefix
- Modules now can be installed from the Bancha Modules Repository or by uploading a zip file
- Modules install file: modules now can implement a “<modulename>_package.php” class with various methods called on modoule install/uninstall
- All previous modules have been removed from the core
- “related_records” function added to the Frontend helper. Please read the doc for further informations about this function
- Categories on Record edit form are now ordered by name and displayed one per line
- Now the semantic_url function works also on “tree structured” Content types (such as the website pages)
- jQuery updated to the latest available version
- Removed some legacy javascript code inside the admin custom.js script
- Constants: FRPATH renamed to BANCHALIB, FRNAME renamed to BANCHA
- Minor fixes

[quote author="areesto" date="1336388444"]hi kkzhi,

i think you need to add this line :
$record->set_documents(); before this one $record->get(‘teaser_image’);

hope it work


thanks areesto, now i hv been able to show up a slide, but when i upload to a host it very often display an error message :
Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: Loader.php

Line Number: 358

why this is happen? not usually but often
*note : a database username and password are checked twice and it correct

[eluser]Nicholas Valbusa[/eluser]
Hello all, I just published an Italian screencast about making your first website with Bancha. Hope could be useful for someone Smile

I'm working also on a english version, stay tuned!


can you do a video in English?
Are there any links of commercial sites using bancha cms?

[eluser]Nicholas Valbusa[/eluser]
Hello, here is a second tutorial on Bancha:

Soon I'll make the english version.

CMS it is great web site work.I use in CMS any<a href="http://worldcup-24.blogspot.com/"> website</a>.

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