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So is my coder lying to me?

I hired a programmer to implement some features for me in my code igniter driven site. I can program in php myself, but I needed some advanced features. I purchased this application and asked if the coder could implement it for me...

It's a multiple file upload flash page.


He tells me that it's not possible to make this work with code igniter. I want to know if he's being honest, he doesn't know how to do it, or it's just really hard and he didn't feel like it.

[eluser]Craig N[/eluser]
Being the eternal optimist, I'd say anything's possible. However possibility and feasibility are two different things. The time and/or cost required to implement it may not be practical in this situation. Without seeing the actual code for this I can't say, but I'm sure there's a good reason they don't want to implement it. In any case, I'd ask them for a better solution and work with them from there.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this yet.

I do not really see the problem in integrating the system with CI. It is certainly possible to make a CI application, which allows for multiple uploads, since I have just done so myself. That being said, as I do not know the interface to the flash-system, do not take my words for granted Smile.

I just took a look at the code and I can't think why it would be an issue. From what I can see you wouldn't be able to have this on a form with other fields and expect everything to submit all at once. Don't take my word for it of course, cause I just took a very quick look, but at a glance it doesn't look like it would be that difficult to implement.

Since the sample code supplied uses $_GET there would have to be a bit of stuff done to get it to work in CI but it is not impossible.

Either modify the flash to create valid CI urls for the upload
OR us CI's router class to convert what is given into a valid CI url

Personally I would probably do the second option, only because I dont really know flash
I would extend the router class and modify the _get_uri_string method (i believe it is) so that it can detect that the request is a flash upload and convert the $_GET data into a correct CI uri string

Then you would have to modify the sample code provided. Make the class provided a library and the base code in the file becomes a method in a controller with any reference to $_GET replaced with a valid reference to $this->input->segment

So I agree with everyone else it should be possible with a few hours to get it working I believe.

[eluser]Cong Do[/eluser]
He don't feel like doing it Big Grin.

[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Well it is very much possible and I have done it but with a custom upload library developed and not using the CI's upload library. As Craig N said, anything is possible this too was a little difficult in the circumstances but had no other options. I had to do it and I did it by developing an external library which would take care of multiple uploads.

With CI everything is possible.

Good Day !!!

yah its possible in CI..
i already have done....

This is nice .. you can use this also....

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