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ERP application - what would be the best approach?


I am looking to create a ERP application using the MVC model proposed by CI. My first idea is to use a HEADER/MAIN/FOOTER type of application, using controllers for the header and footer, so it is easy to change the format of the page if I want to display/print in different media.

I would like to know your opinion on that and if you could provide me with an example in this matter.

Thank you and all the best,


That can all be done with CSS ... just create a header/footer file, make sure to include it in your main controller (i.e. code below), then attach the CSS file at the top of your header file using simple HTML.


The extra 'AppName' is to make it easy to create different headers for different apps. $this->params['AppName'] is currently UAMS, so it currently loads 'UAMS_header.php', which in turn loads the CSS.

Then in your views, you can load the header and footer, respectively, with:

Is that what you were asking? Tongue

An ERP is not a simple project. Most ERP solutions have taken months and years to buiild and mature and used huge development teams. I'm not passing judgment on your decision to write one from scratch, but you might be better off using an already built solution.

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