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CI+SimplePie (RSS Parser) + mental conundrum

So, as some of you know, I've been slowly but surely putting together OnlyTechNews for some time. I've decided to turn OTN into a sort of 'blotter', where interesting and highly specific articles covering technology would be posted.

Initially, I was just going to hunt around by eye and find interesting articles, write a small commentary and re-post them. I quickly realized this would be an enormous time expendature.

My next thought is this:

Use SimplePie (Maybe in a cronjob) to regularily parse various feeds - I would just go and manually flag them for public post (maybe with some commentary).

I still feel this plan is highly flawed. The blotter idea is temporary until I get the wheels rolling with another developer (still haven't found one) and actually put together a stable idea.

The other side of it is to simply continue with the developer blog until such a time as I have a viable idea and completely ditch the "TechBlotter" plan.

Other things of note:

I plan for the DevBlog to be one of the more important parts of the site. This devblog will eventually cover the development process/progress for both OnlyTechNews and GeekLAN. I feel this would be interesting for everyone to see how a single developer (or two of us, if I ever find another interested party) go about designing and developing this webapp/site along with associated code.

Sorry if this post is a tad disorganized. I think a mile a minute and type a mile an hour.

Thoughts? Comments?

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
One idea I'll throw out there is a rating/digg type of system. Where SimplePie grabs feeds and the user votes help filter the material. Then all you get are the highest rated and flag them for public posting on the front page. That would reduce your load as the only editor.

Not to sure how well this would work since I'd mainly be pulling in feeds from corporate entities (Covering advisores, press releases, new products, stocks, etc). Doesn't seem terribly vote-worthy to me.

I'll think on it a bit more. The other side of that is finding a good code-method of avoiding duplicate articles (Guess I could just flag the fields unique and let the db take care of it).

My big problem is that I have 20 ideas and can't decide which one to run with! Big Grin

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
Ah ok,

I was looking at it more from a community generated content angle. Of course, if I could read, i would've seen 'News' in the title...
Assuming that each feed has unique content, the duplicate articles would be pretty simple. As you said, just add a unique field containing a backlink or something similar.

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