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[quote author="boltsabre" date="1339420682"]I was just thinking about your application, I think your most important UCs will be:

- Login. But how does your system work, do employees login and record their attendance or does an "Admin" person/s do this for them? Either way you'll have to have 2 levels of users - normal "employees" who can only add their own attendance, and "admin" who can go in and change a record of any employee if it needs updating/deleting/editing, creating a new "employee account", etc. What about another user group, "Management" who can go in and view reports, but not edit details?
Do some research, there are already lots of good secure CI libraries/modules out there.

Employees have to login and update their attendances. Admin will have all the CRUD operation rights of the employees as well as managements.

Quote:Another thought... if it is employees who are entering their own attendance, can they just ADD, or can they edit existing attendance? If they can only ADD, but they make a mistake when inputting it then you'll need some way for them to contact "admin" to correct it for them... will you make/use existing "email" accounts, or build a form in your application that stores the message in a database? But if employees can edit/delete their own attendance records, do you need to have some kind of "safety" mechanism to ensure they cannot do bad things? (ie. what if they don't come to work on monday, and this gets entered into your DB by admin, can the employee come to work on tuesday and edit their attendance for monday so that it looks like they did actually work?!?).

employees are strictly restricted by editing their own accounts, they can only log in and log out of the present day timings, and if any discrepancies they need to contact the administrator.

Quote:- Create new "employee".
- Edit existing employee.
- View existing employee (will it just list them all, or will you also have a "search for employee"? If so, search by what? Their employee number? Their first/last name? DOB? All three???).
- Delete existing employee (will it be "delete" completely from the DB, or "archive"? or do you need both?)
- Create new attendance record for an employee
- Edit this record?
- Delete it? Can you ever delete/archive a record? Or once it is there it stays there forever?
- View attendance record (as per view existing employee, how? Just list them by employee? Or by date?)

- Reports for management? If so, what kind?

All the above operations is restricted only to the Admin!

Quote:Now when you go and analyse "Create new employee", you start to get into some complex things...
- What data do you need? Employee number (are they 100% unique and thus they can be used as your primary key?), first name, last name, DOB, drivers licence number, tax number, tax group, home address, next of kin, phone number1, phone number2, mobile/cell number 1, mobile/cell number 2, emergency contact number, date employment started, date employment finished, etc etc etc.
- Do you have different "employee" types? (ie, management, grunt, admin, payroll)? If so, do you need to collect different/extra information for the different groups?
- What data is mandatory, which is optional?
- Does the data need to be split into 2 or more tables?

Yeah. I need to do some home work on this part. Thanks for pointing out.

Quote:And we haven't actually even started looking at the code yet!

So, I'm sure you get the idea of why it is very important to do all this first, and do it proper. It may take a long time, but it will save you hours and hours (days/weeks/months even!) later when you are coding. In fact, some projects never get finished because they didn't plan first, they just get into the coding and then go "ah, we need this now", then "now we need this and that" and just end up with one big jumbled mess of bugs and bits of code that fail.

Have fun :-)

Oh. I'm overwhelmed with your response. Thank you so much. Yes I need to do the home work.

This is what i was expecting from codeigniter/forum. I have got valuable inputs from your your end sir. By the by i am a proficient in Codeigniter. I have done couple of web applications on Codeigniter. So now i want to use all my knowledge and develop the Attendance Tracker Website on my own.

I would prepare well and get back to you soon!!!

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