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HMVC + ion auth as a separate module

Can anyone help me install ion auth as a separate module? I keep getting an error:
Quote:Unable to locate the model you have specified: ion_auth_model
I've tried looking on the internet for a solution, and found a few answers, but none of them worked for me.

I should mention what's my folder structure. Well, I install ion auth by its user guide, except that I place controllers, models and views in /application/modules/auth . Everything else is like in ion auth's manual.

If you create a module for ion-auth you will have to specify the path to this module in all library-, helper-, and model-loads like so


I guess, you will have to go into each ion-auth file and change the loaders accordingly. Otherwise MX_Loader will look under APPPATH . {'models', 'libraries', 'helpers'}

Thanks for your help PhilTem. Does that mean that I should put all ion auth's files (config, library, controllers, models, views) in its module folder? Because I think I've tried what you're saying and it didn't work. The way things are right now, I have ion auth's library in the application/libraries folder, and its config file in /application/config folder. Do I need to move them to /application/modules/auth folder, and if yes, should I place them in their respective /auth/libraries and /auth/config folders or not?

I've found a lot of useful information in this post. Apparently, there was some kind of error in my installation. It looks lie everything's working now.

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