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CodeIgniter 1.6.0 "beta"

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Hey all.

The SVN has been heavly added to. The files that you see in there now will largely form the release of CodeIgniter 1.6.0 shortly. I wanted to give you all the opportunity to beat it up, inspect it... poke, prod and otherwise try to tear it limb from limb.

Please feel free to report any issues you find.

We are continuing to squash bugs right now, so over the next little bit bug fixes will be added, but all in all, most of CI 1.6 is there now.


[eluser]CI Lee[/eluser]

Thanks Mister!


Changelog from svn:
Change Log
Version 1.6.0

Release Date: -- still in development
Added Flashdata variables, session_id regeneration and configurable session update times to the Session class.
Added the ability to auto-load Models
Added $this->DB->save_queries variable to DB driver, enabling queries to get saved or no. Previously they were always saved.
Added $assign_to_controller variable in the main index.php file. Anything that this variable contains will be passed automatically to a controller constructor when initialized.
Reorganized the URI and Routes classes for better clarity.
Javascript Calendar plugin now uses the months and days from the calendar language file, instead of hard-coded values, internationalizing it.
Added DBForge to the database tools.
Moved create_database() and drop_database() into DBForge.
Added add_field(), add_key(), create_table(), drop_table(), add_column(), drop_column(), modify_column() into DBForge.
Added 'random' as an order_by() option , and removed "rand()" as a listed option as it was MySQL only.
Added protect_identifiers() in Active Record.
All AR queries are backticked if appropriate to the database.
Added where_in(), where_in_or(), where_not_in(), where_not_in_or(), not_like() and or_not_like() to Active Record.
Added support for limit() into update() and delete() statements in Active Record.
Added empty_table() and truncate_table() to Active Record.
Added the ability to pass an array of tables to the delete() statement in Active Record.
Added count_all_results() function to Active Record.
Added select_max(), select_min(), select_avg() and select_sum() to Active Record.
Added the ability to use aliases with joins in Active Record.
Added a third parameter to Active Records like() clause to control where the wildcard goes.
Added a third parameter to set() in Active Record that withholds escaping data.
Added a check for NULL fields in the MySQL database backup utility.
Added a few additional mime type variations for CSV.
Added strip_quotes() function to string helper.
Added reduce_multiples() function to string helper.
Added quotes_to_entities() function to string helper.
Added form_fieldset(), form_fieldset_close(), form_label(), and form_reset() function to form helper.
Added support for external urls in form_open().
Added a language entry for valid_ip validation error.
Added titles to all user manual pages.
Added Zip Encoding Class to the table of contents of the userguide.
Moved the safe mode and auth checks for the Email library into the constructor.
Moved part of the userguide menu javascript to an external file.
Changed the behaviour of custom callbacks so that they no longer trigger the "required" rule.
Changed the behaviour of variables submitted to the where() clause with no values to auto set "IS NULL"
Documented distinct() in Active Record.
Documented the timezones() function in the Date Helper.
Documented unset_userdata in the Session class.
Documented 2 config options to the Database configuration page.
Fixed a bug in highlight_phrase() that caused an error with slashes.
Fixed a bug: $field_names[] vs $Ffield_names[] in postgre and sqlite drivers.
Fixed a bug in the upload library when allowed_files wasnt defined.
Fixed a bug in word_wrap() of the Text Helper that incorrectly referenced an object.
Fixed a bug in the Email library where some timezones were calculated incorrectly.
Fixed a bug in Validation where valid_ip() wasnt called properly.
Fixed a bug in Validation where individual error messages for checkboxes wasnt supported.
Fixed a bug in the Session library where user agent matching would fail on user agents ending with a space.
Fixed a bug in database driver where num_rows property wasnt getting updated.
Fixed a bug in captcha calling an invalid PHP function.
Fixed a bug in _html_entity_decode_callback() when 'global_xss_filtering' is enabled.
Fixed a bug in the cookie helper "set_cookie" function. It was not honoring the config settings.
Fixed a bug that was making validation callbacks required even when not set as such.
Fixed a bug in _object_to_array that broke some types of inserts and updates.
Fixed a bug in get_filenames() in the File Helper where the array wasnt cleared after each call.
Fixed a bug that prevented num_rows from working in Oracle.
Fixed a bug in the parser class where numeric data was ignored.
Fixed a bug when loading plugin files as _plugin. and not _pi.
Fixed a bug in the SQLite driver for PHP 4.
Fixed an example of comma-separated emails in the email library documentation.
Fixed an example in the Calendar library for Showing Next/Previous Month Links.
Fixed a typo in the database language file.
Fixed a typo in the image language file "suppor" to "support".
Fixed an example for XML RPC.
Fixed an example of accept_charset() in the User Agent Library.
Fixed a typo in the docblock comments that had CodeIgniter spelled CodeIgnitor.
Fixed a typo in the String Helper (uniquid changed to uniqid).
Fixed typos in the email Language class (email_attachment_unredable, email_filed_smtp_login).
Fixed assorted user guide typos.
Deprecated from Active Record; getwhere() for get_where(); groupby() for group_by(); havingor() for having_or(); orderby() for order_by; orwhere() for or_where(); and orlike() for or_like().

what happened to 1.5.5? :>

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
[quote author="Skulls" date="1200536077"]what happened to 1.5.5? :>[/quote]
Same thing as Firefox 1.6... time for a version jump!

Changed the behaviour of variables submitted to the where() clause with no values to auto set "IS NULL"

this is the best change for a lot of people.... what ci coder didn't forget to validate a where condition before using the where() method hehhehe ... i think this method made a lot of people angry when they forgot to check the values passed in :> i still remember a guy coming here and yelling that he deleted or all his records in a table... and his boss "slapped" him hard hahahhahaha .. i still laugh when i think at that topic

ps.. after reading that topic the "LIMIT 1" from the sql became "DELETE" and "UPDATE" queries best friend

Is this off the trunk? I don't see the changelog. I'm kinda noobie to CI's repos.

Edit: found it.

Is there preliminary documentation that's available?

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
Sure, the documentation that lies in the repo is up to date.


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