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Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

Not trying to offend everyone, because we are all different and all do things in different ways.
I am curious as to what process people go through when they have a problem using CI.

I reply to a lot of posts in here to simple problems that could be solved if people would just:
a) Read the User Guide, or
b) Look at the CI Core code

Now admittedly there are a lot of problems that are not answered in the User Guide and are not easy to find when looking at the Core code. I am happy to help anyone at any time but from now on I will try to point people to the User Guide and to the CI Core Code more often in the answers to their questions.

Personally I have yet to come across a problem in installating or coding in CI that was not able to be solved by either looking the in the User Guide, or looking at the CI code. In fact I find looking at the CI code interesting to see how things have been implemented etc.

So without any rancor or bias I am just interested in which way people like to do things. I have worked with people before who like to ask rather than find out for themselves so I do not mind answer those sorts of questions, mostly because it makes me feel Superior and a bit of a Guru (which of course I am)

If anyone is too offended by my question or takes it in the wrong spirit then let me know, or the moderators and have the post and poll pulled.

I don't look inside the core because even if I find something to fix, I don't want to repatch everytime I upgrade. Best to let the community know about it, someone else could also come up with a rather more elegant work-around than the one I'm planning.

Im a middle man in this poll. But that being said I like giving out help where possible and the community here is one of the most helpful (and quick) I have come across for a while - must be a MVC thing? Tongue

One thing though is that Im noticing a big influx of foreign (namely Indian) users on here starting to ask some very basic questions. I think in the guide or on the website it needs to be more obviously stated that this isn't a complete app - that it's to assist you in building one and that it is essentially an 'empty' framework as there have been quite a few questions recently that this would save.

One other good thing about here though is that the search functionality is very good which certainly assists in having to make a post because you couldnt find an answer.

The third option does not mean Fixing CI, but fixing your own problem be seeing how things should be done.
I might change the text of that poll slightly... but it looks like i cant
ohh well

@Sector - When Tonanbarbarian says to look through the Core Code, he's not saying anything needs fixing - but to look through the code so you understand how it works. Everything in the Core works pretty well if you know how to utilise it and/or extend it.

@Lone - To me "Framework" means bare-bones building-blocks, not "Kit home". Tongue I wonder if the translation of that word is a problem???

As a general comment: As developers who've either a) been developing for a while or b) been using CI for some time, it seems so trivial not to have already read the user guide, but you forget that as newbs you often don't know things exist or you're just looking for the quickest way to get help - and the forum is that place. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we've all been there (a newb) and asked the simple questions, so I think it's only fair to pass on the favour (so to speak). Programming paradigms (MVC) and API's in general are very alienating to the uninitiated, so I can only imagine that a lot of people glance at the user-guide and get frightened off (even though I think it's the simplest user-guide I've ever seen).

Pointing people towards the user-guide is a good idea as long as it's done in a helpful way and not a hurtful way. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Australia there's a shortage of good developers and I personally don't want to be turning people off what is a great career in an exciting and rewarding industry. ;-)

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
I agree that simple questions should not be punished. What I don't like is when people haven't done their homework. I realize it's the first step to most dynamic pages, but how many more "how do I make a login page" threads do we need? For CI there is really no reason not to look at the user guide. If you went looking for a php framework, odds are you saw a lot worse along the way. And just to pick on cake again, cause I like picking on cake - simply listing parameters and returns isn't documentation. It's torture.

Most of the time I try to figure problems out myself. The userguide helps a lot; actually reading error messages helps, too.
The ci core is usually quite understandable. Due to it's modular layout the classes and functions are pretty small. I find the process very similar to reading my own old code (only that my old code isn't as good).

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
How forum to make!?

Plz submits codes!

[eluser]Chris Newton[/eluser]
I usually find myself asking a tough question, then answering it myself after trying every possible combination of keystrokes available for the problem at hand until, through evolution, the problem gets solved and I thank myself for solving it.

@mahuti - I can relate to that somewhat. I've found that just explaining the issue to someone often-times reveals the solution to me.

lol @ Micheal, here's my View...

<?PHP if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

while (TRUE == TRUE)
   echo 'Read the user_guide';


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