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Which is the easiest javascript framework/library to learn and develop DHTML, DOM and AJAX applications with codeigniter

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Which is the easiest javascript framework/library to learn and develop DHTML, DOM and AJAX applications with codeigniter?

I guess you will see a lot of fanboy talk with this question Smile

The best advise i can give you is try different frameworks and then you know which is most suited for you. All the best known frameworks support similar functionality.

i recently had to learn ajax/javascript. And with basically no experience except PHP and other server related languages, i found jQuery was a breeze and FUN to learn. My 0.02

There are a lot of great libraries out there, such as the excellent jQuery, YUI,...

Personally i'm a huge fan of Mootools, as it's small, incredibly fast, modular, offers smooth animations, and is building up a larger community with some excellent plugins an scripts becoming available as a consequence.

Soon, Mootools 1.2 will be released and it promises to be yummy :-)

To see it's power, you can check out some of these websites:

And there are many more...
Only "downside" may be that they expect you to do some learning on your own, but there are excellent tutorials available, and I managed to make some great addons for my own site, with little difficulties. Personally, I believe this "downside" quickly becomes an upside. I sure learned a lot...

I feel that Mootools also nicely combines with the codeigniter philosophy of separating your code, behaviour and layout. It's object oriented, and it's very easy to make your javascript completely unobtrusive. You don't need any inline javascript, and that helps keeping your code clean and readable.

Off course, that's nothing jQuery or YUI (or the others) can't do, but still... I love it :-)

I would second the mootools recommendation, I used to use JQuery (which is excellent) because I think it is easier to get started with, but set aside a little time to learn javascript properly and mootools is (in my humble opinion) the best of the bunch. As Sarre said above, you might be expected to do a little more learning with mootools but it really pays off. If you're looking for a general introduction to *proper* javascript (as opposed to the crap that 99% books, sites etc teach) I would *strongly* recommend the following page (whether you go mootools or not): -


Especially check out the Douglas Crockford (Yahoo's Chief Javascript Guru) Videos, they may take some time to work through but put aside an afternoon or two and you'll be a MUCH better javascript programmer for it.
The introduction videos can be found via the article above, or from Yahoo video:-


Watch those vids whatever framework you choose because the more you understand the fundamentals of JS the more you'll be able to leverage from the framework you do eventually choose. Also, they help you unlearn a LOT of BAD javascript programming practices we have ALL picked-up over the years.

For more Douglas Crockford stuff check out his homepage at http://www.crockford.com/javascript/

Hope it helps, and good luck with your javascripting!

[eluser]Nick Husher[/eluser]
++ On Doug Crockford. He recommends Javascript - The Definative Guide as [a|the only] good book for learning Javascript. I second the recommendation; the book covers everything you could possibly want to know about the strange language that is javascript.

All the frameworks do the same basic things; they smoothe the differences between IE and the other browsers, they offer convenience tools for DOM scripting, and (IMO) most importantly they offer fully-featured unobtrusive event handling.

BTW, I happen to like YUI. It's a bit daunting at first, but it's very well documented and very feature-complete.

I would recommend jQuery with the biggest reasonings being that it has a large community support and number of available plugins for use.

I certainly give a lot of respect to mooTools though - but as said jQuery won us over with the community support they have there.

I linked to the following site ealier today but in case anyone missed it check this out:

SlickSpeed Test

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
I love jQuery as the rest here have said as well. It's extremely fast, pretty simple to use, and the plugin community is great. I've needed some pretty obscure functionality before and most of the time, it's as simple as dropping in a plugin someone made.

[eluser]CodeIgniter Fan[/eluser]
Thank you guys for giving such a valuable advice and suggestion. I know javascript but never used any framework so I was confused in choosing the right framework. Right now I decided to use jquery.

jQuery gets my vote also, when I was choosing a framework the important thing I wanted was ease of use. Since javascript is a pig to get working otherwise. I looked at Prototype, not MooTools and just felt jQuery worked most how I would like to write javascript.

I suppose its all up the user and what they want out of the framework.

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