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Quick link building library

class Awpnav {
    var $CI;
    var $css_class = '';
    var $css_class_ns = '';
    var $input_menu = array();
    var $uri = '';
    function Awpnav()
        $this->CI =& get_instance();

    function build_links()
            return FALSE;
            foreach($this->input_menu as $key => $value)
                $class = '';
                if($this->uri == str_replace('/', '', $key))
                    $class = 'class="'.$this->css_class.'" ';
                elseif($this->css_class_ns !== '')
                    $class = 'class="'.$this->css_class_ns.'" ';
                $menu_final[] = '<a '.$class.'href="'.$key.'/">'.$value.'</a>';
        // Returns a simple array, nothing to see here.
        return $menu_final;

Tabbing is a tad goofed, but it works quite well.

Very simple:

$this->awpnav->css_class = 'current';
$this->awpnav->css_class_ns = 'not_current'; //or leave it blank if none.
$this->awpnav->uri = $this->uri->segment(1);

$this->awpnav->input_menu = array(
        ''        => 'Home',
        '/blotter'    => 'TechBlotter',
        '/devblog'    => 'DevBlog',
        '/about'    => 'About',
        '/contact'    => 'Contact'

$data['my_links'] = $this->awpnav->build_links(); //Returns an array

This added about 0.003 seconds to the page render time - don't know if that's horrible, but it seems to run well under a load.

Hope someone finds this useful in some way! This is my first-ever foray into developing my own library. Comments are appreciated even if you don't have a use for it. I'd love to know what I could do better and what, if any, bad practices I may be approaching.

You can see it in-action on onlytechnews.com and the source here:


These are symlinks, so any changes I make are reflected instantly.


From my point of view i wouldn't do this in a class but as a helper. There are a few reasons for this

- i think the menu will not be build in the controller
- if you put awpmenu() in the view it can take advantage of the the current uri_string and compare it with the links
- i think creating html should be done using a view file for more configuration

But i say it again my view on things your method works already.

Yea, I agree with xwero. Html should be produced in the view file. It;s really bad habit to put html in a function.

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