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mySQL v. 3.23 limits on code igniter

Hi guys,
I'm developing a website hosted by a hosting with database mysql version 3.23
What are the limits on code igniter features, using this mysql version?

Seriously, if your host does not even have MySQL 4.1, you really should upgrade. There are plenty of hosts out there at competitive rates. Don't sacrifice functionality. If you need a suggestion on a host, PM me.

You should check out enginehosting.com It's one of the services that EllisLab offers.

Mmmm, I take it you are running on a shared host? Hosting providers are always so reluctant to upgrade their accounts/clients.

I agree with the other two responses as I believe support for even MySQL 4.x has officially ended a while ago. I would ask your host what the deal is and if they can't get you upgraded, I would consider another host. Even MySQL v 4.x lacks a lot IMO...like no stored procedures???

Well, like spheroid said, at least try to get at minimum up to 4.1.1...although if you are wanting to do some more intermediate/advanced DB queries, then MySQL 5.x is the way to go.

mySQL 3.23? Thats really really far back like 2002 far back - think when Windows 98 was still common! Tongue

Serious should consider a change where possible - even if just for this website...

Hi, thanks for the replies
It's a shared host, unfortunately I must use this host with old mysql version because there isn't possibility to upgrade it and, I think that for this site I will not use code igniter considering that I should sacrifice more functionalities.

[eluser]Edemilson Lima[/eluser]
With MySQL 3.23 you can do the most common queries, like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE. You can JOIN tables. You can have tables with INDEXes, PRIMARY KEY, AUTO INCREMENT, UNIQUE keys, etc. What you don't have is FULLTEXT search, FOREIGN KEY, TRANSACTIONS, STORED PROCEDURES and TRIGGERS. But this also depends on which engine you use. If your tables are MYISAM, you will have FULLTEXT indexes in MySQL 4. But if they are INNODB, you will have everything else, except FULLTEXT.

But these things are not too necessary for small web sites. You can develop your code without them and make your work-arounds with PHP code.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
You will not be able to use CodeIgniter's database class without hacking the core, or managing your own db initialization and connection, as CodeIgniter as of version 1.6.0 requires MySQL 4.1.

[eluser]Edemilson Lima[/eluser]
Hmmmm... That is an important point.

Well, I am happy my shared hosting provider offers me PHP 5.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.24, with 500 GB of disk space and 5 TB of montly transfer, for only US$ 5.95/month. :coolsmirk:

How big is your application going to be? If you don't anticipate too many DB hits and really are just looking to do select queries, I believe CI supports SQLite as well. You could also use *gasp* MS Access *gasp* if your host has ODBC support enabled for you....and provided you aren't storing sensitive data! Smile

There are huge advances in MySQL from 3 to 4 to 5 especially within functionality and performance of the engine itself. From 4 to 5 there was major focus on improving MySQL's performance. It's really the difference of night and day between 4.x and 5.x if you are needing intermediate to advanced functionality with MySQL.

There are a lot excellent hosts that will provide everything you need to run CodeIgniter.

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