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The Code Igniter IDE


I watch the two video about Code Igniter and I am looking for the Code Igniter IDE because I didn't found it on the Code Igniter Website.

Could you help me ?



There is no Code Igniter 'IDE' as such, I think you maybe confused as to what an IDE is - what do you exactly mean by IDE?

They use Textmate.

[eluser]Bjørn Børresen[/eluser]
Download Zend's PHP IDE :-) .. it's Eclipse, it's free, and with a Subversion plugin you're ready to go.

I recommend Aptana.

I was not looking for a software to develop. I use Emacs and Smultron quite a lot.
But I was intrigued because in the video, the name of the software use for the demo was called Code Igniter.

The answer is effectively TextMate.
Aptana Look's Good.
I don't like Eclipse yet.

And when I said IDE I was thinking : Integrated Development Environment which means, a lot of thing but in PHP it's just make PHP's programmation a peace of cake.

Thanks you for your answer.


[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
[quote author="Natim" date="1202685999"]
Aptana Look's Good.
I don't like Eclipse yet.[/quote]
Aptana is built on Eclipse.

Textmate is more an editor than an ide.

anyone here using mac to develop and using texmate with the CI bundle? What textmate theme do you use for php?

Textmate here with CI bundle and PlasticCodeWrap theme.

Is the CI bundle for textmate updated, or do I - the lazy ass - have to do it myself? Tongue

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