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Repeatedly asked question about url-encoding and permitted characters

I noticed that this question has been asked time and again and there doesn't seem to be a good answer to it. How does one allow a character like: é (which is basically the character é) or any other non-english url-encoded character in the URL? It doesn't seem practical to put all of them into the permitted_uri_chars list in config.php. Since codeigniter uses the decoded URL to check against the permitted chars list, just having '%' in permitted chars list doesn't work too.

A solution that allows for some controllers to bypass the permitted_uri_chars check might work. Another solution would be to use php code outside of codeigniter and then redirect to CI - but that would involve a 301,302 HTTP redirect which I don't prefer. Please do tell if anyone has solved this issue within the scope of CI.

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
What I did was create a new url_helper and replaced the character é with e. Here is a link to the function:

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